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                                                                                   Rev. Raymond R. Drada, Pastor  -  586/978-1125

               OUR PARISH IS NOW IN ITS 85th YEAR of practicing the P.N.C.C. ideals of  “Truth, Work & Struggle”.   The dedicated clergy and parishioners, past and present, of
 All Saints Parish believe this is an accomplishment of which to be proud. 

              OUR PARISH IS A MEMBER CONGREGATION OF THE POLISH NATIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH IN SCRANTON, PA.   It is our hope and prayer to grow in service to God and community.  This commitment manifests itself in regular devotional and prayer life and a greater participation in both ecumenical and community activities.   Our masses are celebrated in English on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. followed by refreshments and fellowship in the parish hall.

             OUR PRIMARY EMPHASIS IS ON THE "PARISH FAMILY".   All who belong sense this family spirit, expressed in a real love and concern for one another.  Our pastor makes it a point to know each family on a one-to-one basis with visits to family homes and to the hospitalized.  Thus, the spiritual health and vitality of all parishioners and all our friends is supported by both pastor and laity.

            HOLY COMMUNION… All baptized Christians are welcome at the Table of the Lord. Anyone accepting the Eucharist as the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ under the forms of bread and wine and who is properly disposed and wishes to receive the Holy Eucharist is welcome to receive Holy Communion. Holy Communion is distributed by intinction in the PNCC.  The Priest dips the Eucharistic Body into the Eucharistic Blood and places it on the tongue of the communicant.  

             WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR PARISH FAMILY!  If you are looking for a parish and are considering All Saints Parish, feel free to contact our Pastor, Father Raymond Drada.  He will introduce you to our family in all its wonderful aspects – a family whose real strength lies in our personal and real relationship to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  We express this faith in our Church throughout liturgy which is Catholic and traditional, shared between priest and laity.  We demonstrate this faith in the prayerful material and emotional support we give one another.  We share this faith in a Church rooted in Democratic principles and a church constitution giving laity full rights and due process in matters financial, administrative and material.

Mission Statement 

The mission statement of All Saints Polish National Catholic Church
is to "continue the work of Jesus Christ and
to help everyone seek and experience the love and mercy of God".